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3 Natural Vertigo Care Options for Patients

chiropractor for vertigo in Fremont

Every chiropractor for vertigo in Fremont is familiar with patients' woes involving constant dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, and even vomiting, making it challenging to get through the day. Sometimes, vertigo strikes without warning, which can pose a danger, especially if you're moving or actively engaged in an activity.

However, vertigo can be resolved, primarily if you address the underlying condition that brings vertigo symptoms. If you're keen on trying natural methods to relieve vertigo along with its accompanying symptoms, here are a few options you can try. 

1. Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation helps retrain the brain to process information from your vestibular system—the system in your inner ear that helps you maintain balance—more effectively. This method involves repetitive exercise programs to help cope with vestibular injuries, including vertigo.

When you experience damage in your vestibular system, your brain receives incorrect signals. This method uses specialized movements to make your brain capable of adapting to these incorrect signals. As a result, your brain will learn to rely more on signals from other body parts, allowing it to use other senses, such as vision and touch, to overcome symptoms. 

Three known vestibular rehabilitation categories are habituation exercise, gaze stabilization, and balance training. Depending on your condition, therapists usually recommend about 6-8 weeks for this method.

2. Diet Modifications

Your healthy food choices can benefit you beyond just managing a particular condition. But what you eat can also play a role in your vertigo episodes. For example, some patients who visit our chiropractor for vertigo in Fremont notice their symptoms worsening after consuming certain food and drinks. Specifically, consuming too much salt can lead to fluid retention and increased pressure on the inner ear, which can trigger an attack of vertigo. 

In addition, alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration, aggravating your symptoms. If you're dealing with vertigo episodes, reducing salt and alcohol intake and increasing your water intake may be necessary. Observe if these changes can help reduce the frequency and severity of your attacks. 

3. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

You can also contact a chiropractor for vertigo in Fremont who can help you with Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments. Upper Cervical Care is a type of chiropractic care that focuses on aligning the bones in your upper cervical spine, the top two bones of your spine called the atlas and axis, located in your neck area. When these bones are out of alignment, they tend to put excessive pressure on the delicate nerves in your neck and brainstem. This pressure can disrupt the flow of information from your brain to your body and lead to various problems, including vertigo. 

Upper Cervical Care is a gentle yet effective way to realign your neck and relieve the pressure on your brainstem and nerves, which leads to healthy blood flow and an uninterrupted flow of information between the brain and body. Some patients report significant reductions in their symptoms after a few adjustments. As long as the alignment is correct, these results can last long, and patients may notice their symptoms slowly disappearing.

chiropractor for vertigo in Fremont

Dr. Steven Forest, a Trusted Chiropractor for Vertigo in Fremont 

Dr. Steven Forest is a trusted Upper Cervical Chiropractor helping patients in Fremont and nearby areas cope with their vertigo symptoms. With this safe, natural, and gentle chiropractic care technique, his patients can experience lasting vertigo relief and reduced recurrence chances.

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