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Osteoarthritis and Other Causes of Chronic Neck Pain

There are various reasons people come to a Fremont neck pain chiropractor. Neck pain may appear like a simple health concern, but it can cause mild to severe discomfort. It can also recur if the underlying problem remains unresolved. 

Do you know the top causes of chronic neck pain? In our discussion below, we will explore some of the main reasons people suffer from neck pain, including osteoarthritis and previous neck injuries. Learn more about these and the best option you can use to cope.


6 Possible Causes of Chronic Neck Pain

  1. Osteoarthritis 

CDC says that about 25 percent of the US adult population has osteoarthritis. It’s a degenerative disease that causes the joints and cartilage to wear thin. Most of the time, it affects the joints between your knees, hips, and hands. 

However, it can also occur in between the joints of your cervical bones. When this happens, you may suffer from neck stiffness or soreness. It can also limit the range of your head movement. 

  1. Disc Degeneration

As a Fremont neck pain chiropractor, Dr. Steven Forest is quite used to meeting with patients who complain about disc degeneration. He commonly observes it in aging folks, athletes, and individuals with labor-intensive jobs. Essentially, when you have disc degeneration, it means that the protective cushions between your spinal bones have started to break down. 

Consequently, this causes friction between the vertebral bones, making it difficult to move. On top of that, it could put undue pressure on the muscles and nerves on affected areas like the neck or the lower back.  

  1. Accidents and Injuries

Many patients report neck pain even after they recover from a neck or head injury. That’s because your neck's overextension during a vehicular collision or a sports event results in mild to severe spinal misalignment. 

It can result in muscle soreness and nerve pinching that could last for hours or days. Unless you have your neck bone’s natural alignment restored, the pain will most likely bother you from time to time. 

  1. Spinal Stenosis 

Up to 500,000 Americans have spinal stenosis, a condition that causes the vertebral canal to narrow. When this happens, your nerves can become irritated. It can also severely impact the transmission of information to and from your nerves and brain. 

Neck pain is among its many tell-tale signs. If you have it, you might also note other symptoms like urinary incontinence, weakness of your hands and legs, and difficulty in coordinating movement and balance.  

  1. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a widespread pain disorder that occurs in roughly four percent of adult Americans. It tends to trigger musculoskeletal pain on many parts of the body, including the neck. This condition is another reason why people turn to a Fremont neck pain chiropractor for help.

Unfortunately, until today, FM remains one of the most hardly understood disorders. Studies so far suggest that it could get triggered by various factors, including physical abuse, central sensitization, family history of FM, Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other diseases. 

  1. Poor Posture

Having a good posture doesn’t only make you look good. It can also come in handy in keeping pain at bay. Sadly, many Americans these days develop bad posture while working, especially those who work from home. Without the right workspace equipment, such as an ergonomic chair and desk, your body has to compensate. 

This often results in painful or stiff neck muscles. It can also put pressure on the spine, increasing your risk for spinal misalignment or subluxation. 

To prevent such problems, we recommend making necessary adjustments to your working area like investing in a good quality desk. It would help if you also keep your work equipment like desktop monitors or laptops at the most optimal viewing level.  


How Upper Cervical Care Can Help 

Know a bit about neck pain and its causes can make a whole lot of difference in your life. For starters, it can help you narrow down your options ranging from taking pain medication or seeking special procedures such as upper cervical chiropractic. 

Upper cervical care focuses on caring for your upper neck bones – the atlas and axis. As we have discussed above, they tend to be at risk of shifting from their original position due to injuries or accidents. Thankfully, through the help of an upper cervical chiropractor, you can address this problem naturally. 

The idea is to make gradual adjustments to your neck bone alignment. This way, you can stimulate your body to heal itself, and you can achieve long-term relief from your pain. 

Upper cervical care also comes in handy in preventing other debilitating symptoms or disorders that a spinal misalignment triggers or aggravates. Some examples of these include migraines, vertigo attacks, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and TMJ disorder.  

If your neck pain stems from any of the conditions above, or if you think you have a neck misalignment, you can consult with an upper cervical care doctor.  


Contact Our Fremont Neck Pain Chiropractor

Everyone deserves to enjoy pain and worry-free life. Unfortunately, a seemingly harmless neck problem can prevent you from doing so. If you have been experiencing recurring or chronic neck pain and your old remedies don’t work, you can check upper cervical care. 

Regardless of the cause of your chronic neck pain, Dr. Steven Forest, our Fremont neck pain chiropractor, can help you. Have your spinal alignment assessed today and see how you can benefit from his gentle chiropractic adjustments. 

You can call us at 510-319-3119 or leave us a message online if you have questions about chiropractic care or if you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Forest.


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