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Let's Talk About Some Lesser-Known Signs Of Migraine

migraine relief in Fremont CA

As a migraine chiropractor, Forest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Centers is no stranger to the usual woes shared by patients complaining about severe headaches, throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting, sensory symptoms, and even neck pain. But some patients also report symptoms that may not be that common in most migraineurs. If you are looking for lasting migraine relief in Fremont CA, you must be familiar with every symptom that comes with your condition – even the lesser-known ones. Let's flesh them out below so you can better manage your episodes:

Mood changes

Some people who suffer from migraines experience mood changes before a migraine attack. They might feel irritable, anxious, or depressed. If you notice mood changes before a migraine attack, noting them in a migraine journal to track any patterns might be helpful. Also, it's best to spot these so you can warn about your loved ones or the people around you so they can better understand your condition.

Mood swings can happen before or after an attack, during the prodrome or postdrome phase. Notice if your mood shifts in a variety of ways too, which may include:

  • Feel hyperactive
  • Difficulty thinking and concentrating
  • Get depressed or anxious
  • Feel cheerful


Not many people with migraine experience aura or visual changes such as spots, jagged or wavy lines, or flashing lights. These symptoms usually settle down in under an hour and can serve as a warning sign as it happens before a migraine headache occurs. However, some cases may experience aura even without headaches.

 Transient Aphasia

This is not common to migraineurs as it usually happens to patients who experience aura. Transient aphasia causes a temporary inability or reduced ability to speak, understand, or read. When this happens, you can experience extreme difficulty speaking or understanding what others are saying, which can gradually or suddenly occur. Reading, writing, or analyzing puzzles or math-related equations may be problematic. The severity of warning signs varies from person to person and even in-between attacks.

Transient aphasia's accompanying symptoms during migraine with aura resolve independently and will not cause severe or permanent damage. However, when you notice the difficulty with your speech or language skills for much longer, it can be a warning sign of other severe conditions that require immediate medical attention, such as a seizure or stroke.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS)

Yes, this exists! It brings distortions of visual perception, body image, and time experience. People who experience this may perceive things smaller than their actual size, feel their bodies alter in size, or experience any of the syndrome's numerous other symptoms.

This changes how you see your surroundings and can happen when you have a migraine. Some experts think it's a type of migraine aura. AIWS involves parts of your brain that deal with what you see and hear and may bring other symptoms, such as:

  • Your body parts or surroundings can look bigger, smaller, closer, or farther than actual.
  • Straight lines appear wavy to you.
  • You think things are moving when they're not. 
  • 3D objects look flat.
  • You see distorted faces.
  • The colors look extra bright.
  • People or objects seem stretched out when you look at them.
  • Time seems to drag or fly.
  • Some things don't sound right to you.
  • Objects feel different when you touch them.
  • Things around you appear to be tilting or changing colors.
  • You experience hallucinations.

If you think you experience AIWS, bring it up with your healthcare provider to plan how to achieve migraine relief in Fremont CA. They can help point you in the right direction if you need other interventions to manage this condition.


Fatigue is often experienced by people who suffer from migraines, and it may sometimes be accompanied by brain fog, making it difficult to think clearly or concentrate on tasks. If you're fatigued before or after a migraine attack, get more sleep or take breaks during the day to rest your mind and body.

Cold hands and feet

This is another migraine symptom that is often overlooked. If your hands and feet are cold or sweaty when you're experiencing a migraine attack, putting on warm socks or gloves might help improve circulation and relieve the pain. Migraine can cause changes in the blood vessels and brain, bringing chills, sweating, or shivering.

migraine relief in Fremont CA

Seek Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Lasting Migraine Relief in Fremont CA

Aside from familiarizing yourself with the usual symptoms that migraine attacks trigger, you might also find it helpful to look into Upper Cervical spine misalignments. Studies have long proven that migraines and postural misalignments in the cervical spine often come hand in hand. That’s why it pays to check your C1 and C2 bone alignment, especially if you have a history of neck and head injuries or do activities that compromise your neck’s connective tissues. 

When you have misaligned upper neck bones, several structures, including the brainstem, blood vessels supplying the head, and muscles on the cervical spine, suffer the impact. And unfortunately, that pressure lingers for months or years on end if you fail to ease your shifted C1 and C2 bones back to their neutral alignment with the head. 

We recommend scheduling a quick cervical spine assessment if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above and want to explore natural methods that bring lasting relief. This will help you determine if you need Upper Cervical Chiropractic corrective adjustments.

Book your appointment online with Dr. Forest to learn more about the importance of your posture in combating recurring health concerns like migraines.


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